The Gunpowder Plot

To Start

Background for Players

Here’s a quick bit of background for you guys for what I have so far for the game.

The year is 1866 (I know the game calls for 1867, but this is late in the year), the first week of November. The city of London is in excitement for the upcoming Lord Mayor’s Show.

The Lord Mayor’s Show (which is still celebrated) is put on November 9th by royal decree (1189) to present the newly chosen Lord Mayor to the King. To quote from Wikipedia “The Lord Mayor’s main role is, as it has been for centuries, to represent, support and promote the businesses and the people of the City of London.” Basically he’s the chief businessman of London & looking at what he does now, a whole bunch of other things.

This event is put on every year & is a huge deal in London. A grand parade through the city is held and faire and entertainments during and afterwards.